Bingham Memorial Hospital and Patient Satisfaction

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Located in the American state of Idaho, Bingham Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit, private critical access hospital. The hospital went through a lot of turmoil at first, since it started as a small medical facility in the town of Blackfoot, Idaho, about 70 years ago.

Nevertheless, BMH has recently become a critical access facility, which means that emergency services are offered 24 hours a day. This may sound normal, but in fact it implies that doctors and all kinds of medical specialists are available to give help at all hours, even in the most critical and life threatening situations. And while some of these features are quite normal for larger hospitals located in metropolitan areas, they are quite unexpected for small, local, rural hospitals.

bingham memorial hospitalDuring the last few years, specialists all over the US conduct research, in an effort to inform the population about the quality of the medical services that the different hospitals in the entire country are actually providing to their patients. Recently, one of these studies was done in order to find out the level of patient satisfaction among people that have been medically treated at Bingham Memorial Hospital.

The patients’ satisfaction is a direct indicator of the manner in which the doctors do their job. According to the study, more than 70% of the patients said they were very satisfied by the quality of the medical services provided by Bingham Memorial Hospital. This is a clear indicator that they have felt well treated and cared for during their stay in the hospital. As with any medical facility, there is always room for improvement, of course.

The patient satisfaction studies take into account several key aspects like the number of treated patients, the Medicare performance score and the mortality rate, just to name some of them.

People value their health a lot, so there is no wonder that they are interested in making good health related decisions. Choosing the proper hospital is an important decision, but the good news is that nowadays anyone can evaluate any medical care unit by simply browsing the internet, looking for real patient reviews.

According to the official statement of Louis Kraml, CEO at Bingham Memorial Hospital, patient satisfaction is the key objective at BMH. And feedback from former hospital patients has always been considered to be as a credible source of details. As always, when looking for details about a hospital, it is important to make sure that the source is credible, fair and objective, lacking any secondary hidden motives.

Besides the feedback coming from the patients, another good indicator of the level of medical performance is represented by the globally run, non-biased research, analysis and studies that are done every year. To discover more hospital videos, check out

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